the_new_voice (the_new_voice) wrote in le_liban,

To All People of the Good Will!

The so-called Third World war is going on, owing to Russia and United States – for a long time already. Something like 25 years.
Let’s be above the political games. We want peace, as You do. Let’s get acquainted with each other and seek the similarity.
For example: the geometrical figures: triangle, square, circle – they are different, but what’s common between them? That is, for instance, the fact that all of them are figures, they have total area, perimeter, and the figures don’t need to be at war for this reason.
Come here to be our guests. We have streets that are called by names of flowers. We should like to plant the cedars of Lebanon here in Israel, just as King Solomon once had build his Palace from the cedar of Lebanon. They say, it brings peace and harmony.
Let’s understand just today, without putting it off till tomorrow, that we all breath the same way, love, work the same way. You have an ancient culture, and we can learn something from You. And, maybe, You’ll also like something at our place. War is an expensive and senseless amusement which never solves any problems. It’s an illusion that there are victors and losers. All sides are in equal loss. Let us together overcome the war!
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really an honest idea! but peace is not a question of rhetorics. freedom and peace needs the voice of the population. peace and freedom are aims of which you have to act, just to speak about them is senseless in a way. so i guess it is too easy to just say "hey everybody, cool down" and everybody lays down his weapons and such. the way to peace seems easy in theory, it is a human dream in practice, a desire, our aim and not possible to reach without acting.
Definitely. Be sure, acting's going on.
Amen brother/sister!