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"The Enemy and How I Helped to Fight it" (Humorous Story about Mideast Politics)

You can read the humorous story "The Enemy and How I Helped to Fight it" on my homepage in both English and (in case its relevant for you) Hebrew versions. Here is the abstract:

A member of the terrorist organisation "The Organisation" gets up in the morning, goes to his post and quits. But before he leaves he makes a suggestion that causes his former comrades to fight each other to the death. Join the now ex-Member of the Organisation as he embarks on an ego-trip, where he tries to prove that A can in fact be non-A, regardless of what Aristotle could differ.

It's a political satire, but one that is universal in its message, and touches on many aspects of politics, logic and Objectivist philosophy.

It is my belief as someone who studied some philosophy and psychology, (while still being a software developer by trade) that the key for our long term prosperity and happiness is following reason, logic, rationality, and tolerance in order to confront the myriad of feelings we may possess, whether rational or not, and the various dogmas that our friends or enemies may believe in. I tried to convey this message in the story, which I've written back in 1997.

Both versions of the story are made available under the Creative Common Attribution Share-Alike licence (which is a popular licence for non-"All Rights Reserved"-media that is considered "free-as-in-free-speech") , and are maintained inside a version control repository. You can mirror, redistribute and sell this story freely as long as it remains under the same licence, as well as build upon it in many interesting ways, from translating it to different languages, to creating modified, derivative works, to preparing audio files or video files based on it. (If you wish to have a more restrictive licence for your derivative work, such as the CC-by-nc-sa, then you can contact me and we can negotiate an exemption from it.)

If you enjoyed the story, then I would be grateful if you spread the word, or help publicising it offline and online, and you may enjoy some of my other stories, screenplays, aphorisms, UNIX-like fortune cookies, factoids about people and things, and bits., most of which are also under a Creative Commons licence, or can be placed under one upon request.


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