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after the war

Now everybody especially the lebanese are happy of a more peaceful situation in Lebanon. Though the war didn’t last very long in time it was enough to destroy a rising economy and dispel a great amount of the population.
In germany you can hear some discussions about a german involvement to the planned peacekeeping mission. That is very special thing because military missions abroad are seen critical (in context to WW2) from the german population.
But I want to attend on another problem concerning the hizbollah problem in Lebanon. the decided resolution number 1701, which can be read here -> http://www.un.org/News/Press/docs//2006/sc8808.doc.htm, puts the vertices for lasting peace. But is it realistic and possible? Therefore it is important to focus in the hizbollah. I think it is not so easy as the American way does to describe the whole hizbollah as a terroristic organization. From former discussions about Lebanon I learned that this organization is very deep implemented in the society and in the Lebanese policy. so that there shall also be other aspects in hizbollah’ aims for lebanon. The resolution 1701 decided the whole disarming of hizbollah – the most important goal as I think. Nevertheless it is also the hardest point. How is it possible to disarm and disempower this organisation without their resistance – and the resistance of the population (which maybe feels safe under a hizbollah protection, is that right?)? This is my question for you.
Lebanon has to become the phoenix from the ashes this is what almost everyone wants to that country. But what are your answers to the lot of questions now?
Must the Lebanese population live without Hizbollah? Why could a terroristic arm of that organization exist next to the government? How important is it for you to fulfil the orders from new york in every detail and which one are not accepted by you - and why? What do you think of the peace now. Is it peace or just the absence of war? Tell me everything concerning to this. I want to get in touch with Lebanon and its people or the rest of the world which discuss about that.

Some short informations to me: I am a 21year old german/ European studying business economics in the fourth semester. I followed the recent war in Lebanon and I am interested in your opinion. Thanks for commenting!
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